Rules & Regulations

RANKING TABLES   (Please continue to check for updates to the Ranking Tables )


Goals & Objectives-Development of Girevoy Sport- Strengthening friendship between nations & building strong cooperation in sport-Development of sport mastership, exchange of experience, establishing strongest athletes between adults and seniors in Girevoy Sport -Sport is for healthy living & without age limits!

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Rules and regulations

Age Categories: ( age as of competition date)

** For the 2016 CKA Nationals, all lifters will compete in “Open” age category but achieve ranks based Adult &/or Veteran classification.

– Youth – Juniors (Men & Women)  under 22yrs old

– Men, Women 22 yrs and older

– Veteran (50+yrs old)

 Kettlebell weights (to achieve “Rank” = as per AKA/ IUKL Ranking Chart)


Double KB Biathlon, Single KB Biathlon

Double KB Long Cycle, Single KB Long Cycle, Snatch Only

Weight categories: 

Refer to NEW RANK CHART for weight categories for RANK recognition.

This event is conducted under the rules of AKA and IUKL with amendments & changes valid in effect as of the day of the competition.

Winners will be determined by summing up of points in disciplines.

Points count:

Long Cycle: 1 rep = 1 point

Snatch: 1 rep = 1 point

Double KB Biathlon: 1 Jerk Rep = 1 point + 1 Snatch = .5 point /combine both

Single KB Biathlon: 1 Jerk Rep = 1 point + 1 Snatch= 1 point / combine both



1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded with medals & certificates