Team Canada

Team Canada

Selections for Team Canada  2016 will be made following the National Championships in Victoria.  Competition Results will definitely be considered but will not be the only determining factor in the naming of TEAM CANADA.  Performance, technique, attitude and support of the CKA  will all be areas the selection committee will review. Our goal is to send another strong team of lifters to the World Championships in 2016 that will also represent our Country and the CKA in a positive & productive manner,  helping to grow the sport of Kettlebell.


**Canadian Lifters must compete at the National Championships in order to be considered for Team Canada**

2016 IUKL World Championships – KAZAKHSTAN!

A few exciting highlights from Team Canada at the 2015 World’s-Dublin….

(courtesy of Solomon Macys)

2016 IUKL World Championships will be in KAZAKHSTAN! 

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2016 Qualifying events- 

Professional Men = 32kg Long Cycle + 32kg Biathlon

Amateur Men = 24kg Long Cycle + 24kg Biathlon

Junior Men ( Under 22yrs ) = 24kg Long Cycle + 24kg Biathlon

Veteran Men

24kg Long Cycle + Biathlon (ages 40-59)

16kg Long Cycle + Biathlon ( ages 60-74)

12kg Long Cycle + Biathlon (ages 75 +)

Professional Women  =  24kg Snatch

Amateur Women = 16kg Snatch

Junior Women (under 22 yrs)  = 16kg Snatch

Veteran Women

16kg Snatch ( ages 35-49)

12kg Snatch ( ages 50 – 59)

8kg Snatch (ages 60+)