2016 Criteria


There are items that will be taken into account when selecting our National Team for each competitive season…….

  • Men = Amateur 24kg Biathlon, Long Cycle
  • Men = Professional 32kg Biathlon, Long Cycle
  • Junior Men= under 22yrs (Amateur 24kg Biathlon, Long Cycle)
  • Junior Men = under 22yrs  (Professional 32kg Biathlon, Long Cycle)
  • Women = Amateur 16kg Snatch
  • Women = Professional 24kg Snatch
  • Junior Women= under 22yrs ( Amateur 16kg Snatch)
  • Junior Women = under 22yrs ( professional 24kg Snatch)
  1. Those lifters who are age eligible for Veteran can lift in a heavier bell weight and be considered for Veteran as well.  (ie) Women Lifter can compete 16kg Snatch but be selected for 12kg Veteran if age eligible.
  1. Winner of each Professional event will automatically qualify*
  1. Only 1 lifter in each of the qualifying Professional weight classes will be selected
  1. Winner of each Amateur qualifying event will be selected however if there is only 1 lifter in that event, the winner must meet minimum standards** to be selected for Team Canada.
  1. Additional lifters in the Amateur categories will be selected- consideration being given to performance, placement, technical strengths, attitude and CKA support to name a few.
  1. Junior age eligible lifters will be selected as their own group since Juniors currently do not compete in their own category at Nationals (ie) Junior age lifter competing in the professional 24kg Snatch category placing 2nd will be selected as the top junior lifter  in that category and therefore qualifies for Team Canada
  1. Lifters to be considered must show good overall technical skills and competency
  1. Show support of the CKA and events hosted by CKA, AKA and IUKL
  1. Display good sportsmanship and support the growth of Kettlebell Sport in Canada
  1. Show respect for the CKA and its representatives at all times ( at events, social media, etc)
  1. Selection criteria will be reviewed every year as we grow and changes may be required to best represent our Country

(*) Professionals automatically qualifying to Team Canada may still be reviewed – at the discretion of the CKA representatives –  this is in place to save guard against those who potentially just want to “make the team” but do not show an appropriate professional skill level.

(**) Minimum Standards = must show competency in  lifting techniques, must already be ranked in that category, if not ranked must be within 25%  of rank numbers. Accounting for time between nationals and Worlds usually being 4-6mths of training