Para-Lifting Adapted KB Sport

NEW in 2016………. PARA-LIFTING – Adapted Kettlebell Sport Competition

The Canadian Kettlebell Alliance is super proud & excited to work together with Jonathan Ritchot from PISE ( Pacific Institute of Sport- Adapted Sport Coach) as well as Sarah Black  from Victoria Wheelchair Sports Assoc. to open up more doors in the World of Kettlebell Sport.  Never before seen on an official KB Platform……PARA-LIFTING – Adapted Kettlebell Sport for those with mobility &/or grip impairments, amputees and Wheelchair athletes!!

Please spread the word about this amazing opportunity to grow and experience KB Sport


Para-Lifting Events ( 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg) / REGISTER TODAY!

-Open to Men & Women

– Juniors, Adult and Veteran Divisions

– This year we are offering 2 Classifications

*Class 1 (Does not require a wheelchair, mobility and grip impairments, amputees)

* Class 2 ( Wheelchair Athletes)

* 1 Arm Press, 2 Arm Press, Snatch, Biathlon ( consist of 2 arm Press+Snatch lifts)

– Grip aides will be permitted for those that are medically required to participate

– 10 min sets – Single are switch for 1 arm Press and Snatch, no switch for 2 a press event, and once bells touch the floor and hands released your set will be considered complete.

-if you have any questions please contact Linda Gilmour at any time @

Check out further information with these Technical lift videos