2016 Event Waiver

I have enrolled in a  Sporting Event of strenuous physical nature including, but not limited to Kettlebells, put on by IRON-BELL FITNESS / Linda Gilmour.  I hereby affirm that I am in good physical condition and do not suffer from any disability that would prevent or limit my participation in the Sporting event.

In consideration of my participation in the Sporting Event held today___________________________(date)  I hereby release IRON-BELL FITNESS ( its owner, Linda Gilmour), from any claims, demands, and cause of action arising from my participation in this Event.

I fully understand that I may injure myself as a result of my participation in the IRON-BELL FITNESS event and I, hereby release IRON-BELL FITNESS/ Linda Gilmour from liability now or in the future including, but not limited to, heart attack, muscle strains, pulls or tears, broken bones, shin splints, heat prostration, knee/lower back/foot injuries, and any other illness, soreness, injury, or even death, however caused, occurring during or after my participation in the Sporting Event.

Name (print full name):________________________________



Witness:________________________                          Date:______________