Chair Press Team Relay

Chair Press Team Relay event is back again for 2015 – With such fun last year, we had to include this event again!

Challenge yourself to this epic Team Relay Event and be apart of the excitement!

Event details=

* Teams of 5 lifters ( any combination of lifters)

*2 mins/ lifter (2 min Doubles, or single bell 1 min / arm)

*In the interest of being progressive in the sport…Women and Men can select to lift doubles or single bells

* All teams will compete together

*“Bell Factor”-Lifters can choose the bell they lift in their Team.  Each bell with have a “Bell Factor”.

8kg=1pts , 12kg=1.5pts, 16kg= 2pts, 20kg= 2.5pts, 24kg= 3pts, 28kg= 3.5pts, 32kg=4pts

*“Rep Count Factor” = 1 points for Single bell reps, 2 points for Double bell reps

TOTAL POINTS = # of Reps x Bell Factor x Rep Factor= total for each lifter.  Add all team member points together will give you your TOTAL TEAM POINTS  for the TEAM RELAY CHAMPION!