NEW for 2016!

We are also super proud & excited to open up even more doors in the World of Kettlebell Sport with a completely new event, never before seen on an official  KB Platform – PARA-LIFTING Events …..Kettlebell Sport for those with mobility &/or grip impairments, amputees and Wheelchair athletes!!

*Para-Lifting Events ( 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 24kg, 28kg, 32kg) / REGISTER TODAY!

-Open to Men & Women

– Juniors, Adult and Veteran Divisions

– This year we are offering 2 Classifications

*Class 1 (Does not require a wheelchair, mobility and grip impairments, amputees)

* Class 2 ( Wheelchair Athletes)

* 1 Arm Press, 2 Arm Press, Snatch, Biathlon ( consist of 2 arm Press+Snatch lifts)

– Grip aides will be permitted for those that are medically required to participate

– 10 min sets – Single are switch for 1 arm Press and Snatch, no switch for 2 a press event, and once bells touch the floor and hands released your set will be considered complete.

**Technical lift video will be available soon that will demonstrate the adapted lifts and judging for these lifts at this event** 

 – For further more information &/or support, please contact Linda Gilmour –